Based in the north-west, Daniel Hopkinson Architectural Photography was established in 2002 and has been providing specialist photographic services for the building industry ever since. Daniel and his partner Hannah Burton both graduated with BA[Hons] in Photography from Blackpool & The Fylde College and shortly after began shooting professionally, building an extensive client list and winning commissions throughout the country.

Concerning ourselves exclusively with architectural photography, we have become skilled in managing the challenges inherent in photographing buildings in a manner sympathetic not only to their design but also to the requirements of the client’s brief and the ever-changing weather.

We always attempt to capture not only the physical form of the building but the sense of space and atmosphere the design set out to create. Our building studies usually include a variety of images from wide, overall shots to close, architectural details in varying light from dawn to dusk. We always strives to shoot in the best possible light and employ the services of a professional weather forecaster to minimise the possibility of wasted travel and inconvenience to the occupants of the building.

Daniel began shooting on a large format technical camera [5”x4”] using film, utilising the equipment as to avoid image distortion and achieve compositions that would be impossible on a standard camera system. Although we now employ a fully digital system, Daniel still shoots on a purpose built technical camera in order to obtain the best possible results. Following a shoot, all digital postproduction is carried out in-house so that every image released to our clients is of the highest possible quality.